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oh hellow gorgeous  ♥

oh hellow gorgeous  

dn’t be cruel to a heart that’s true :)


oh hi :P

MAC’s Cyber

She has been drowning for quite some time,
yet no one in sight to resuscitate her,
subliminal screams passing through a deaf man’s ear.

They watched her being confined in isolation,
no friend nor foe,
her strength drained to being so low.

She feared the return of resonating thoughts,
which had haunted her once before,
despite triumphing,
her wounds had no cure.

Nyx kept her wide awake,
as insomnia creeped in,
it was as if her soul was battling another within.

At times it felt like fighting a losing battle,
but all she wanted was a chance to revive,
once again to feel alive.

myself, Gauri Kumaravel.

bright eyed & bushy tailed :)

felt like being a little glam :P

your eyes are so seductive.. i really like you

awh thank you ^.^

damnnnnn you are stunning gurl!!! follow me back? haha

awh thank you & sure :)

I took a selfie :P

we can be friend ?

as long as you’re not creepy, sure :)